Summer Lilacs, Velour and Tanned Skin

efe158a9-2f44-42d5-828d-2690251a0b75-2610-000005a2360529fc-1Two weeks of around 25C and beaming sun in Oslo, with more days to come. This weather has been insane, Norway never has summers this amazing – but now the heat started early May !!!

I’ve watched as the garden turned green in an instant, flowers blooming – drastic changes with the blink of an eye as things come to life and take on beautiful colors all around. The breeze from the Oslo fjord makes the heat bearable (I’m actually really bad “warm”person – I love it, I’m often cold, I crave (and need) the sun – But it’s when there is this pressuring, intense, thick heat, I can’t handle it.) With the breeze it feels like there is a change of air, its fresh and you get the regular cool-down I desperately need in the sizzling sun.

I’ve been spending the days lounging in the garden or on the terrace in the summer sun (..though escaping to the cold and darkness of the bedroom every 20min when it feels like I’m getting a heat stroke..) , sipping cooled drinks, enjoyed finding and rummaging through my summer wardrobe, building a tan – and coming to terms with the fact / settling on the fact that doing absolutely nothing and just chilling is the right thing right now.

I can and should seize each day with the luxury of not having anything to do but what has my fancy. Stop being mad or depressed about not having something work-like/important or even nice and enjoyable to fill the day with – when that’s just because I tell myself that there is nothing I can be bothered to do.It becomes an ‘evil’circle, haha, where you say you’re sad and bored because your days are empty, but you convince yourself you don’t want to- and say No to anything there is to do!

Massive amounts of lilacs bloom in Norway once May comes around. It’s gorgeous, and so, by the 17th of May (national day) city is bedecked by beautiful purple, white, blue and pink pastels accompanied by joy and happiness, the Norwegian flag (,,,and all other items you can attach red, blue and white colors to..).

VELOUR in black , a playsuit, with lace details. Looks super good with tanned skin. I love this item of clothing. & it’s just H&M (!). I am so happy with it I’m almost scared to ‘use it up’, and I kind of want to buy more of them/different variations of it. That does’nt exist though unfortunately, and it’s not available anylonger. I don’t know if it even exists in the norwegian region. I got it at a random sale on the app while physically being abroad.  

Oslo, 27.05.18


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2 thoughts on “Summer Lilacs, Velour and Tanned Skin

  1. It must have been lovely to have all the lilacs in bloom. We have four in the garden here and the scent has been fantastic.


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