BloodOrange and Grapefruit | Summer Tastes

Have been cutting into citrus fruits lately. Devouring its freshness in this summer heat. Nothing is better than the sweetness, tanginess, energising and refreshful taste of citrus infused beverages.

I’ve been loving Grapefruit, Blood Orange and Lime these days.

gf2 gin4

In the morning it has the ability to wake you up, sensationally, just by adding some slices to your chilled water. Its a joy for your tastebuds. Something so simple as this is its own luxury in the morning hours.
gin1Other taste-enhancers to try; Lemon, Orange, Starfruit, Tangerine.. and also berries or pomegranate!

I have also enjoyed this in Cocktails. The fruit slices are a perfect addition to Campari Sodas, Gin&Tonics, Whiskey Sours,

gin3        gf1

The fresh fruit slices is a good and more pleasant way to keep you hydrated through the day. Make sure to sip cool water with some slices of grapefruitlemonorange or preferably blood-orange. I do this all day everyday. Another tip is adding some lavender, mint leaves, rosemary or sage to complement the taste.

It also makes for great art.

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