Lookbook|Cannes FilmFestival

It’s been a while, but I wanted to share some of the beautiful dresses and magnificent moments captured from the Cannes film festival.

There are many stylish moments from the event
but I’d like to focus on the most eye-catching and stunning looks.

Loveliest photo I have come across. It has captured beauty. Absolutely

Alberta Ferretti Dress

Classic elegance.

I have nothing to say about the person (hrmp ..dislike) but the dress is gorgeous.and her makeup was Flawless😍

Though Cannes has that classic old school glam and the classic elegant essence to it. I love the emphasis on jewelry (..like the jewelry from Chopard for example, jeez)

If I were lucky and famous enough to attend, I would have liked to go for something extravagant. I’d love an insanely beautiful creation from Elie Saab, Robert Cavalli or Balmain… Versace always shows something worthwhile, though sometimes it’s a little too harsh.

When pulled off in a stylish way (..and sticking to the elegance and class of the event), I enjoy the celebrities making an over-the-top-statement. Which is..some of the point of the red carpet.


I don’t like the trend of drapes attached to a bedazzled body, what almost looks like a glitzy bathing suit, or a shortshort dress. It’s tacky. And I feel they haven’t dressed appropriately for the public – least of all for the classy’ness of the Cannes event.

Also too much glitter and stones can look cheap, fake, or like a costume for a play.

There is so much focus on less-than-high-thigh-short and sheer see-through fabrics, close to nudity. To me, it fails at being sexy and comes off as tacky (me exaggerating slightly) (also.. the only sexy that would work at the Cannes film festival is elegant-sexy).

This time around I definitely enjoyed the ones going for the old classic elegance of sheer fabrics and classy gowns, over the glitzy glam ones. At least I preferred the ones who looked dressed… I definitely think Ashi had the most noticeable designs this time around.

Wow – Damn! She looks hot! :
 araya hargate, ashiimg_0310

From the waist down and her face is gorgeous. But there is something off about the mid- and shoulder section. Like, where the Dress cuts her middle.and the top makes her look constipated and shoulders too broad.
img_0287-2  22

Of course the degree of Extravaganza! varies
between the different types of events
img_0298Lupita Nyong'o, Prada
There are some subtle looks which are very, very nice.

      img_0297Lara Leito 038078bf-603a-4ffc-bab8-26bd3f1c89c6-1556-0000008f510fab5c   img_0315

Some other looks that don’t quite reach the top, but caught my eye.

the fabric is special and probably has a special thought/meaning to it, but the point is that the design of the dress is absolutely stunning.

Diane Kruger in Dior

CANNES2       img_0318



Somehow, this one reminds me of Cinderella.

Though I scrolled through to find the most smashing, spectacular, unique,

I noticed I found myself pleasantly surprised by Cate Blanchett’s continuity of stylish, well-fitting and good looking items, And some of Kristen Stewarts looks.



The details of their makeup is immaculate. cannes_beauty9


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