Noteworthy Instagram profiles

Sometimes, it seems the recipe for a successful Instagram profile is just having a pretty face, and there are numerous of profiles you can find on instagram featuring beautiful and stunning photos.

I’m not going to share ‘ just the pretty faces’,
I like the profiles that have a little something extra, something artsy – a concept, or idea/motive behind the posts. The ones who have a special feel to their profiles. In a way, each post is a creation. And not just another post of a pretty face and a nice scene.

img_0372Not only for the fact that the shoes are           ………………………………………….gorgeous..

Manolo Blahnik has an amazingly good social media executive, their posts and commercials are so creative! a Joy to watch and super inspirational

Same with @bulgariofficial

I also recommend @_aje_, @dior and @schiaparelli

I don’t like every design from Michael Kors, and most seasons (except summer) are a flop, But their Instagram feed isn’t bad!

For actual outfitinspiration, I was so happy when i came across @fashionedchicstyling (Erica Hoida) a short while back.

@Magnum, because everyone needs some ice-cream in their feed.

People: Follow to make your feed beautiful.

@Liny_Liny_ :  A young beautiful model from Russia, but features in many of my favorite cities. She has some gorgeous spreads in magazines that she shares on her profile.
@mileycyrus cause she’s actually pretty cool.

@whatforbreakfast and @annabelsmayfair constantly post stunning images.

@Xeniaoverdose, and @vivaluxuryblog for the continually gorgeous photos they post. Following people like @Dashakos and @tatjanamariposa will ensure your feed always looks gorgeous. These people are just straight out beautiful.  And @esipchenish when she shares her fashion shots

@Zoepastelle could be recognised as one of those ‘just another pretty face’, but she has some fashion moments that are absolutely stunning.  So does @carodaur.
And @ninasuess has captured some cool fashion statements.

@micahgianneli is also cool.

The most of the photos on these profiles have captured fashion images in a way of it being art.

From the very beginning, before her blog blew up and photography and fashion career took of, I followed Carin Olsson and her blog @Parisinfourmonths. Especially when I myself lived in Paris. Her photos are still gorgeous.
I prefer her blog though, some of the fun and ‘exquisite-ness’ is the story that goes along with it.

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