Beauty | Summer

Excited about Guerlain‘s new fresh summer fragrances.

Fruity scents with Aqua AllegoriaMandarine Basilic  Pera Granitaand Passiflora

I enjoy using Guerlain makeup during summer as well. Their terracotta bronzers, blushes and highlights blend perfectly with tanned summer skin.

Something that has always been a favorite: Aqua di Parma – Blu Mediterranee

Mandorlo di Sicilia has been my favorite for a long time. Its heavier (relatively), round luscious notes blend in a yet light and sensual summer scent, reminding me of late, never ending Italian summer evenings.

funny note: even though I have mentioned Amalfi as one of my favorite areas to vacate, the Aqua  di Parma scent ‘Fico di Amalfi’ is not a favorite.. I think Its my least preferred out of the Blu Mediterranee range – though that is just me, I see many people love it. 

I also use Arancia di Capri!  A younger, fresh and citrus-fruity fragrance. Bergamotto di Calabria is also recommended!

Check Out Beauty Products , or Summer Essentials for other beauty and summer reads!

Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Shimmer blush ( or ‘shimmering blushlight’). My absolute favorite highlighter. I can use ut any time of year! I use the shade 03.
To me Pink Seduction (02) has too much pink, and 01 is a brown note, would end up looking like I failed to bronze with too much glitter on my face. But Sultry Glow(03) has the perfect trio of white for the light highlight, a dusty and glowy pink, suttled by the light beige.


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