Time Capsule Exhibition|Louis Vuitton

I wish I had been one of these places while the Time Capsule Exhibition was showing.

The cities you could catch it at (in 2017)




Melbourne (2018)

Madrid (2018)





Osaka (Japan)

Though the exhibition showed in Madrid in April and May, and in Melbourne February and March, 2018. Which was what reminded me of it again.

It is apparent that the emblem was hugely represented. There were large rooms covered floor to ceiling with the LV logo on backgrounds of different colors. (Making perfect backdrops for Instagram pictures in several variations! – popularly posted on Instagram with the #LVtimecapsuleexhibition)


Louis-Vuitton-Trunks-05-1140x760It was a great, great synchronisation of the tradition and origin of the brand , with emphasis on the modernity and upgrade, as well as the on trend trendsetting’ the brand does. – telling a story of the history of Louis Vuitton.

Featuring the travel trunks, and other pieces from Vuitton’s archives.

One of the rooms,“Magic Malle,” includes a never-before-seen red carpet animation and digital trunk using holographic technology.



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